Learn about IV therapy with our FAQ's

As IV therapy is a relatively new service brought to the Northern Beaches, we understand you might have some questions. We have listed below some generic questions which we hope can help you through learning about your IV journey.

If there are questions you have that are not listed, please feel free to reach out to us.

General Information

We have a location in Newport, Sydney, but we are primarily mobile, so we can come to you! In 2024, we will be operating from a clinic. More info on this coming soon!

We certainly do, however, we have a minimum of a 4 person booking. For group bookings, please send us an enquiry – hello@ivnation.com.au.

Absolutely! It’s lots of fun to do it with your partner or friends. We can do bookings of up to 6 people at the moment, with a goal to increase this in 2024. Please send us an enquiry – hello@ivnation.com.au.

There is an additional one off fee of $50 for a script which lasts a year and gives you full access to all vitamins that we offer, however, for a limited time only, our BLACK FRIDAY sale is offering FREE scripts and 30% off all Vita-Drips. Book in HERE

We charge a non-refundable $50 booking fee at the time of booking. When you have your treatment, we charge the remaining fee and if you had any discounts, they will applied here. 

You can book in up to 6 months in advance! We like future bookings.

It’s super simple – just click HERE and select a time that works best for you and we will give you a call at this time and you can ask any questions you like! 

You can click HERE to find out more about our vitamin infusion and to get to know your vitamins – you can click HERE for our Vitamin Alphabet. Submit an enquiry HERE if you have further questions. 

You don’t need one but a blood test can allow for more customisable drip. At IV NATION, it’s a one time prescription cost of $50 and your script is valid for a year and we manage this so you don’t have to do anything. We are however offering a FREE SCRIPT in our Black Friday sale which is on for a limited time. Book in HERE. We also offer blood tests for $249 and we can go through this with you to determine the best Vita-Drip for you. 

We offer blood tests for $249 and can go through this with you to determine what vitamins and nutrients you are deficient in, to be able to customise your IV therapy journey. However, a lot of our clients like the carefully crafted Vita-Drip solutions to match how they are feeling with the outcome they want. In saying this, all bodies react to vitamins differently, so do recommend doing a blood test so we can tailor your treatment for maximum impact. 

Often this varies depending on the person and the IV treatment you have. Some of our Vita-Drips have you feeling slight impacts straight away, but majority won’t. They are prolonged, meaning your body will be enjoying the nourishment for weeks to come. You will most likely feel the impacts a few days after treatment, with it lasting for weeks to months. It is important to note that IV therapy is to be used as a supportive health treatment in conjunction with exercise, hydration and healthy eating.

We will contact you prior to the booking to confirm access and times and also conduct a general medical background check and ask you about your reason for your treatment. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask us at this time. 

We arrive 15 mins before the set booking time to get sorted and set up. We will have the Vita-Drip solutions pre infused, so all we need to do is set up and get you comfortable.

We can answer any questions you may have but we also have our Information Book which has everything you need to know about IV therapy. You can read whilst you get your infusion.

Firstly, we assess your vein and work out our best approach to cannulation. We will then ensure we set up a sterile field to clean the area using an ANTT protocol. Following this, we will go ahead with a small little needle to access the vein and we then push a thin tube (cannula) into your vein and eject the needle back, leaving just the tube sitting in your vein. This allows for free fluids to flush through your body as well as leaving you feeling comfortable.

If you selected the 500ml Hydration & Electrolytes bag, which is included with every Vita-Drip, or if you upgraded to a 1L bag, will depend on how long the drip runs through your body. It will also depend on your own body size and other variants.

Once the drip has finished, your Registered Nurse will remove the cannula, apply a small amount of pressure to the site to stop bleeding and apply an IV bandaid. 

After you have finished your treatment, our Registered Nurse will take payment for the remaining amount of your drip. A receipt will automatically be sent to you with an option to contact us for any questions or concerns and to book your next treatment. We recommend no heavy lifting for 2 hours and slowing down, allowing your body to enjoy the nourishment of your Vita-Drip.

We use different sized cannulas depending on the size of your vein. There is a needle used to create the incision. Once this has occurred, the needle is ejected and the small tube-like cannula is pushed along the vein.

It is pain-free allowing you to feel comfortable for the duration of your treatment. In saying this, for your first time, it can feel odd and slightly uncomfortable, but we promise we will get used to it! 

Not to worry, a lot of our customers feel this way. Our Registered Nurses ensure you are very comfortable throughout the whole process. We have techniques we use to distract you from the process and ensure it’s over quickly and you can watch videos on your phone, read a book, chat to us or even read our INformation Book about IV therapy. 

Vitamin Questions

The Methylcobalamin (B12 SHOT) by itself is $39, however, if you would like to do the Hydration & Electrolytes bag, we can infuse B12 into this at a cost $215. 

A Slim Down Shot includes Carnitine, Methionine, Inositol & B12. It speeds up your metabolism and boosts your energy levels. Some clients feel slightly hungry after, this is due to your body working overtime to break down stubborn fat cells and kickstart turning fat into energy.

We have a range of vitamin infusions, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids available which all can be viewed on our website. Vitamins are carefully measured and infused in our Haartman’s Hydrations & Electrolytes 1L or 500ml bags. If you would like to know more about the products we use, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us – hello@ivnation.com.au.

We don’t currently offer NAD+ infusions, however we will be looking to add this in 2024.

We have a variety of pricing options, starting with our Booster Shots which start from $29, we have Vita-Drips which are carefully crafted to target specific symptoms and then we have the option to create your own where you can select which vitamins you want to include! All of our prices can be viewed HERE. 

Our Sunday Cleanse is perfect for this! All of our Vita-Drips have a bag of Hydration & Electrolytes which will help you get back on your feed and keep you hydrated. This matched with some helpful vitamins will help to bypass the ‘hangover’ and have you back on your feet in no time. It includes:

– 1L Hydration & Electrolytes (We do 1L bags for this one because you need the hydration, trust us!)

– Glutathione (liver detoxification and removal of toxins from the body) 

– B-Complex Vitamins (B3,4,5,6) 

– Vitamin C 

– Amino Acids (Arginine, Lysine – great for skin and cold sores, Ornithine and Glutamine)

Book our Sunday Cleanse Vita-Drip HERE.

Health Questions

We offer complimentary 10-15 minute consultations which you can simply book in HERE. You can ask away and we will give you health advice relating to IV therapy.

We recommend doing the Super Charge Vita-Drip in a 1L Hydration & Electrolytes bag with an intramuscular booster shot of Vitamin D and a Glutathione 10ml push to assist in reducing inflammation of the gut and flush out toxins. 

Depending on the reason behind your fatigue we can do an in depth consultation to work out the underlying problem and tailor your IV journey from there. Additionally, we have Selenium available which is fantastic for thyroid regulation.

We recommend our Super Charge Vita-Drip as its packed with all vitamins and is great for energy production, strengthening immune system, muscle relaxation and overall health and wellbeing.

Covid is back and you’re not alone! I would customise your Vita-Drip and focus on nutrients that will strengthen your immune system, cognitive function, boost in energy levels and address the electrolyte imbalance and muscle fatigue. Vitamins that could help are:

  1. High-dose Vitamin C
  2. B12 
  3. B-Complex vitamins 
  4. Magnesium 
  5. Zinc 
  6. Glycine 
  7. Arginine
  8. Glutamine 
  9. Ornithine 
  10. Lysine 
  11. 1L Hydration & Electrolytes


We would recommend this once a month for 3 months especially if you are experiencing long covid symptoms. It’s important to note that you may feel improvements after your first session but results can vary depending on how depleted your body is.

Firstly, is your fight governed by the ASADA? If so, we can still do a drip with the vitamins, but only with a 100ml bag of fluid. 

We would recommend our Super Charge Vita-Drip which comes with a 1L bag of Hydration & Electrolytes solution. This will replenish the following fluids and electrolytes lost during your cutting phase (potassium, sodium and calcium are all crucial electrolytes responsible for muscle function, nerve signals and maintaining body fluid balance-ultimately giving your body the best chance to fight at an optimum level of performance). 

Unfortunately, achieving this orally takes time for the body to absorb and distribute to cells as it has to go through the whole GIT process. Only 40-60% of what’s orally ingested is actually absorbed and the rest is excreted whereas intravenously, 100% of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes are delivered directly into your bloodstream ensuring rapid and efficient hydration so utilised by cells immediately allowing for proper cellular functions.

Drinking water with electrolytes must go through the digestive system and won’t get to your cells as quickly, not that they won’t at all. You end up excreting most of what you ingested as your body can only absorb small amounts at a time.

Also, the whole cutting phase puts an immense amount of stress on the immune system and energy levels so replenishing vitamins especially B12 and antioxidants straight away will just bypass this whole entire post cutting phase issue for you as well as give you that extra boost.

Book our Super Charge Vita-Drip HERE

We recommend the Immunity+ Vita-Drip to help you get back on your feet. You can book it HERE

We require a Doctor’s referral if you are pregnant and we do not recommend IV treatment in your third trimester.