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Super Charge is our BESTSELLING one-stop-shop all-rounded option.

Benefits include antibacterial, metabolism boosting, energy production, sleep promotion, collagen production, removal of toxins and waste from the body, anti-inflammatory properties, protein synthesis and brain and nervous system function.


This Vita-Drip is perfect for you if you need some replenishment or brightening up.

Benefits include thyroid health, cognitive/brain function, immune and energy boosting, collagen production, skin support, overall health support and antioxidant defence.


If you are experiencing a cold or flu, or are about to go overseas, ur Immunity+ Vita-Drip will work for you.

Benefits include immune protection and enhances immune response, energy and collagen boosting and has antibacterial properties.


Book this Vita-Drip the day after your wedding, party, event or night on the boos!

Benefits include extreme re-hydration, liver detoxification, immune support, energy production, cognitive function & removal of toxins from the body.


Perfect for you to immerse yourself in the full zen mode.

Benefits include body relaxation, increased focus, reduce anxiousness, sleep promotion, slow down brain activity, relief stress and helps to reset.


For all things beauty, hair, skin and nails, this is the Vita-Drip for you.

Benefits include collagen and energy production, skin brightening, digestive health support, skin elasticity, bone health and cold sore support.


Focus is great to get back on track and boost your concentration with a hit of beauty.

Benefits include sleep promotion, brain and nervous system function, enhances energy and focus, brain sharpness, skin elasticity, bone health, protein synthesis and digestive health support.


Select this vitamin if you want to give your body's metabolism a much needed boost.

Benefits include converting stubborn fat cells into energy, helping create a healthy gut, supporting weight loss, energy production, brain and memory function, muscle control and mood regulation.


The Traveller Vita-Drip would suit someone about to go overseas or needs that well-rounded support.

Benefits include anti-inflammatory healing and anti-bacterial properties, strengthening the immune system, wound healing, improve taste and smell, energy and collagen boosting.

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Not to worry, the great thing about IV NATION is we have a fully customisable option where you can select up to 10 vitamins in your drip. Click below to book in!

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